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On sunday the 9th we organized a birdwatching activity for everyone at three different points of the Delta. One team helped to identify the birds at L'Encanyissada (Pont de Través observation tower), another one at the Salines de Sant Antoni and the last one (where I was) at the Riet Vell observatory.

The day had started very well with some nice views of Willow Warbler and a Reed Warbler piccking out the insects from a spider web. Also a Kingfisher had stopped pretty well near of the hide.

We aproximately started the activity at 9:00 AM, but nobody came until 11:00 AM so I had a complete birding morning. It was one of the best birding days of all the week. The first two Cormorants of the year flew past, the same did some Little Bitterns and a group of Glossy Ibis.
The Kingfisher stopped quite close to the hide, I could make some very nice pictures of Reed Warblers and Willow Warbler. There were also many waders such as Ruff, Snipe, a Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Lapwing, Avocet, the usual Black-Tailed Godwits...
The best bird of the day was a Penduline Tit which was discovered by the photographers present at the hide. I took some pictures but it was really far away and they aren't very good.
The usual Common Terns and Whiskered Terns showd and also the Gull-Billed Tern was present a short time.
The last interesting observation was a Black-Winged Stilt that looked quite bad. It was "swimming" towards the hide but using it's wings (maybe a broken foot?). Anyway, it didn't look very good.

 Reed Warbler eating insects
 Penduline Tit, in the center
 Group of Glossy Ibis
 Willow Warbler
 Kingfisher (with fish)
 Little Egret

 Squacco Heron
 Spotted Redshank with Ruff
 Sand Martin
 Injured? Black-Winged Stilt

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