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Tuesday the 11th september was my last day in Riet Vell, and in terms of birding probably the best one.
In the morning we went to extract Apple Snail, but I had already been at 8:00 AM at the hide.
There were many passerines (Willow Warbler, Zitting Cisticola, Reed Warblers...), two Water Rails which showed quickly, a Little Bittern sitting on the reeds in front of us, Kingfisher and a wader that I wasn't  able to ID.
 Zitting Cisticola

 Little Bittern on the reeds
 Water Rail
While extracting the snail, we saw a large flock of Glossy Ibis, a single Lapwing and many Whiskered and Gull-Billed Terns.
I also heard some Bee-Eaters, probably migrating.

In the afternoon before departing I had a some time to go birdwatching for the last time. I started taking pictures of the Flamingos and the Kingfishers.
I noticed a group of waders and I took a look with the scope. I saw the usual Black-Tailed Godwits, a Snipe, some Black-Winged Stilts, a couple of Ruffs and the wader that I had seen that morning that really looked like a Marsh Sandpiper.
I made some pictures and showed them to other birders. A couple of days ago I got it confirmed, a Marsh Sandpiper (lifer for me!).
 Last general view of the lagoon

 Pictures of the Flamingos

 Marsh Sandpiper with Ruffs 
A better picture of the Marsh Sandpiper
I hope you enjoyed my report as much as I enjoyed my days there.
I want to thank Ignasi Ripoll (the organizer) and all the volunteers that contributed to make my time there wonderful: Diane, Diana, Irene, Bea, Darío, Antonio, Rubén, Eva, Rebeca, Yanka, Evélia, Annika, Alejandro and Vojkan.

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