viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Alpine Swifts

I hate finishing early an exam. You hand it out to the teacher and you must wait and bore all the rest of the time.
Yesterday, I had a french exam, it all went well and I had some time. Luckily, I was sitting next to the window so I could see the playground. Suddendly, some birds appeared, Alpine Swifts, which I sometimes see at my school. I observed them some time and I noticed that some of them stopped at their nests, which were in the building next to the playground. I localised three or four nests, so I'll be able to do something in boring classes and exams ;)
I also saw twice today a pair of Jackdaws which are always around school.
It was a good day :)

2 comentarios:

  1. A very famous greek writer ,Kazantzakis,wrote:
    "Teacher stop talking,then we can hear the birds"

  2. When the window's open, I can clearly hear them. But I don't dare to tell the teacher to shut up ;)