lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Aigüamolls de l'Empordà

Yesterday I went to the Aigüamolls de l'Empordà with my dad.
We made a whole day trip and we also visited the abocador de Pedret, where Rough-Legged Buzzard and Sea Eagle had been seen.

We arrived at el Cortalet (informationand starting point from the trip) and I was informed that some Cranes passed yesterday.
First we went to a hide, very close to el Cortalet, where we saw Black-Tailed Godwit,Spotted and Common Redshanks, Ruff, other waders, some ducks, and the first Marsh Harriers of the day.
We continued and few minutes after going out of the hide we saw a little Crane group (6-8, only seen them twice before), and the usual Storks (they breed and pass the winter there, large numbers), in a field there was also a Cattle Egret on a cow.
After this, we arrived at the Estenys del Matà, where there wasn't much activity (no waders).
On a hide near them, there were two Tufted Ducks (male and female, splendid views) and a Crested Grebe.
We finally arrived at the beach, where we had lunch, and we stayed at an observation tower some time.
I was looking at the sea for Shearwaters or Razrbills when I suddendly saw to big birds swimming, i focused my scope and Arctic Divers!
After looking at them some time, we decided to walk along the beach one the search of waders, which we found. There was a little mixt group with Sanderling, Grey Plover and Dunlin, and some other 4-5 bird groups of Kentish and Great-Ringed Plover.
The way back hadn't a lot of birds, because we had to hurry if we wanted to go to the abocador de Pedret.
While we were driving, I saw Black Kite and Merlin (a female or a young bird sitting on an electric cable).
Unfortunately, at the abocador we didn't see anything. There was a raptor sitting on a trash mountain, but it flew away before we could ID it.

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